Welcome to the Osage College Development Site!

We are excited that you are here! This site is for people interested in the development of an Osage College in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. This site is the home of the Osage College Development committee, and is also open to others who are interested in the work we are doing!

HAPPY Summer/Fall 2010! We are currently waiting, and working to develop a bill for research and viability for our school! Email us for information!

**July 21, 2009: Veronica and Lee are meeting via conference call to find out information regarding the needs assessment and a viability study - 6 P.M.
AUG-SEPT 2009: Veronica, Jean Denison, and Lee have been meeting to develop research plans.
OCT-NOV 2009: Veronica, Lee, and Jean Denison conference attendance for research and development information.
DEC 2009: Veronica and Lee pause as Osage Congress determines funding for tribe.
Jan-April 1010: "…" !!

FALL 2010: Waiting to see the results of the latest elections!

Posted to the site you will find our college mission statement, development committee member commitment guidelines, and notes about things we are working on, or trying to get done! If you are interested in being on our email mailing list, please contact Veronica Pipestem (gro.htuomtrad.mula|metsepip#gro.htuomtrad.mula|metsepip) or Lee S. Vasquez-Ilaoa (moc.liamtoh|zeuqsav7eel#moc.liamtoh|zeuqsav7eel).

Tell us your opinion and share news on our discussion board! Thanks for checking us out, and email us with questions!

Here is the first draft of the Constitution:

Click on the link below to read the draft and make suggestions and revisions.


Check out our Osage Mission Statement!

Click on the link below, read the draft of our mission statement for the College, and make suggestions and revisions.


If interested in participating in our college development committee, please see our member guidelines:


Coming Soon:

A log of all of the work we have done so we (and you) can keep track, make suggestions, and see what we're working on!

Thank you for your support and welcome to the site!

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