Committee Member Commitment Guidelines

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Osage Tribal College Development Committee Member Guidelines Agreement

Committee Member Mission Statement:

We are committed to the support and encouragement of the Osage Nation and tribal college mission statement and development goals. We are a group of citizens who have gathered with the intent to initiate and establish the groundwork for a college that will serve the needs of the people of the Osage Nation and surrounding communities. This group is not affiliated with the Osage Nation government in any way. We are committed to working with the community because we are a part of it. Therefore:

- All members shall be committed to the support and encouragement of the Osage Nation and the tribal college mission statement and development goals
- All members shall maintain an active and participating interest in the tasks and goals needed to develop the tribal college
- All members shall provide the committee with contact information
- All members will act in a community-minded manner, privileging the needs of the group over the desires of individuals
- All members shall document and account for official meetings, correspondence, interviews, etc., in a public and transparent manner
- All members shall stay in contact with one another

The committee members are NOT:

- Elected officials
- The official voice of the Osage nation government, we are a group of community-oriented individuals
- A for-profit organization
- Paid for the work we do to establish the college

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