Mission Statement

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Osage Nation College – The Osage Nation and Surrounding Communities, Oklahoma
Unofficial Document

Rough Draft

Institutional Mission

Our National college is a four-year academic institution committed to serving the needs of the people of the Osage Nation and surrounding Oklahoma communities. The college is dedicated to improving community levels of education, knowledge, and service through a variety of postsecondary fields that serve the community’s immediate needs. The academic fields provide training, experience, and leadership opportunities to serve the Osage Nation and surrounding community academically, economically, and socially.

Institutional Goals and Objectives

To provide the Osage people with highly trained human resources and personnel
To assist people in being active, productive members of their community and the Osage Nation
To assist tribal institutions and departments in staff preparation, planning, research, and evaluation services

To preserve, perpetuate, and promote research of the Osage language and culture
To provide opportunities for students and instructors to integrate the Osage language and culture into their personal and professional lives
To educate Osages and other Oklahomans with respect to Osage history, the history of colonization, and the traditional and contemporary culture of Osage peoples

To provide high-level certificate-granting and degree programs
To provide college hours for transfer or continuing education credit to other higher educational institutions
To develop students’ leadership, technological, archival, critical, and communicative skills
To provide reflective, collaborative relationships among staff, students, and other educational institutions

To assist in assessing and planning for the developmental needs of the Osage Nation and surrounding communities
To provide reputable, competitive continuing and community education

Fields of Study Offered at Tribal College:

Communication, Language, Pedagogy – Osage and English language study, pedagogy, and curriculum development; Osage language teacher-training and endorsement

Business Administration and Leadership – Tribal administration focus

Fine Arts – Dance, Visual Arts, Graphic Design

Liberal Arts - Providing the students with a solid foundation in Liberal Arts and to develope
Indigenous studies program with emphasis on Osage History.

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